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On the rare occasion Warren puts down the scotch glass long enough to do something mildly creative, the results are genius (pssst...don't tell him we said that!). Et voila... 'MASHturbates", a collection of masterful 'Mash ups' meticulously beat-matched by Warren during his rare moments of sobriety. From the archives of the classic 'We are the Mods' radio show, this digital download features a 9 track mix, including:

1. 'Tinpathy for the Devil' (Small Faces v Rolling Stones)
2. 'Baba, I love you' (The Who vs The Ronettes)
3.'Tax Jam' (Beatles vs The Jam)
4. 'GreenHouse Onions' (Amy Winehouse vs Booker T and the MG's)
5. 'Heard it Through the GayeVine' (Marvin vs The Who)
6. 'Roller'd Gold' (Leon Gibson vs The Stone Roses)
7. 'OZMoses Hot Tub Part Mix' (James Brown vs Alex Harvey)
8. 'FrankingStein's Modster' (Proctology Mix)
9. 'STOP! Indeed I do' (The Supremes vs Frank Wilson)

For a preview cut and paste this link into your browser: https://goo.gl/Tspx10

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